Glock 43 fs 9mm For Sale



The Glock 43 USA is a new single stack subcompact slimline 9mm pistol designed to fit every lifestyle that is made in the USA. As the most highly anticipated release in Glock’s history, the G43 is the answer to your everyday concealed carry needs. The Glock 43 is ultra-concealable, accurate and perfect for all shooters, regardless of hand size. Backed by superior engineering, the G43 is able to withstand the rigorous testing proven by the Glock family of pistols. glock 43 fs 9mm for sale
Model: G43
Caliber: 9×19
Overall Length: 159mm/6.26in
Overall Width: 26mm/1.02in
Magazine Capacity: 6rds
Weight Unloaded: 459g/16.19oz
Weight Loaded: 584/20.60oz glock 43 fs 9mm for sale
Trigger Pull: 5.5lbs/25N

The Glock 43 FS’s reliability and durability are further underscored by Glock’s reputation for producing firearms with minimal maintenance requirements and exceptional longevity. Its corrosion-resistant finish and rugged construction make it a dependable companion for everyday carry.

The Glock 43 FS 9mm stands as a pinnacle of compact firepower, blending reliability, concealability, and precision engineering into a single, high-performance package. Crafted by Glock, a leader in the firearms industry known for its commitment to quality and innovation, the Glock 43 FS offers an exceptional solution for those seeking a reliable concealed carry handgun.





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