GLOCK 48 – 9MM


Glock 48 For Sale 48! Being 6’3″ I have really long fingers. My support hand thumb is far enough back from the muzzle on the 48 for me to be comfortable shooting it. This is not the case with the 43 for me.

In my hands it feels like a 9mm 1911. Nothing against Glock, but I have never been a Glock guy. I have never been excited for a Glock release. Ive owned a G3 19 for awhile, but I actually lost sleep over the 48. Its a full size gun that feels like a subcompact.

With more rounds its lighter than my previous EDC (rhymes with field). It also has a 4″ barrel, meaning better hollow point expansion and a full hand grip. Im impressed, way to go Glock! The 48 is the perfect crossover compact pistol IMO. Glock 48 For Sale

With an extensive history of reliability and durability, GLOCK has expanded the product line by introducing two compact slimline pistols; ideal for everyday carry. Chambered in 9X19, both pistols feature a compact, and a 10-round magazine capacity. While the two pistols share the same size frame, they each have different slide lengths. The slide for the G43X is the same sub-compact length as the G43 (6.06 in) while the G48 has a compact length (6.85 in).


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