CorBon 380 Pow’R Ball 70g 20/Bx









pow’r ball 70gr ammo, 380 AUTO 70 GR. POW”RBALL 1100 FPS/ 188 FTLBS POW”RBALL 20 ROUND BOXThis patented Pow’R Ball JHP features a distinctively designed bullet cavity topped with a proprietary polymer ball. This fixes feeding problems in finicky pistols and controls expansion for deeper penetration, better weight retention and more consistent performance in soft tissue. Pow’R Ball is a great choice for all of your semi-auto pistols or revolvers.

Pow’RBall is a gilding metal jacket filled with a lead core that’s shaped into a Patented “V” shape, then capped with a round polymer ball which is crimped and held in place by the copper jacket. During flight, the polymer ball disperses air around the bullet making it more aerodynamic, which improves ballistics.  The ball also enhances feeding in auto pistols. pow’r ball 70gr ammo

During impact the polymer ball delays expansion allowing it to penetrate several inches before it is pushed out of the way exposing the lead “V” shape cavity, causing the bullet to fully expand properly.  Another benefit of the polymer ball is that it protects the integrity of the hollow point by not allowing clothing or other material to plug up the hollow point cavity causing it to fail to expand.
– Reliable feeding
– Consistent, reliable expansion
– Deeper soft tissue penetration
– Quicker recovery for follow-up shots
– Reduced Recoil
– High Velocity

Caliber: 380 Auto
Bullet Wt.: 70gr Pow’RBall
Velocity: 1100fps
Energy: 188ftlbs
Test Barrel Length: 3.0 Inches

  • Category : Centerfire Handgun Rounds
  • Caliber : 380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Bullet Type : Pow’rball
  • Bullet Weight : 70 GR
  • Muzzle Energy : 188 ft lbs
  • Muzzle Velocity : 1100 fps
  • Rounds Per Box : 20
  • Boxes Per Case : 25
  • Application : Performance/Protection


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