Mossberg MC1SC for sale online


  • Slim, dehorned profile for concealed carry
  • Diamond-like carbon slide coating
  • Glass-reinforced polymer frame
  • 3-dot front and rear sights
  • Manual cross-bolt safety
  • Trigger blade safety
  • Safe Takedown System
  • 2 Clear-Count magazines

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The Mossberg MC1sc is a semi-automatic subcompact handgun. The MC1sc is a striker-fired polymer frame pistol, featuring an integrated blade safety on the trigger. its standard three-dot sights are adjustable, both front and rear, with night sights available as an option. Trigger pull is rated at 6 lbf (27 N).

The Brownie is a breech-­loading “pepper-­pot” style pocket pistol chambered in both .22 short and .22LR. It features four connected barrels milled from a single piece of steel that are accessed by opening the hinged action by releasing a locking latch on the top on the pistol. The trigger mechanism is an internal striker-­fired double-­action only, which permits the shooter to simply pull the trigger four times to fire all the rounds chambered. Once all the rounds are spent, Mossberg MC1SC ejecting the casings is accomplished not by an auto-­ejector but with a small ram-­rod stored in the frame. Should the shooter misplace their ramrod, any small stick or paperclip longer than its short 2.5 in. barrels could be sufficient to drive out the spent casings. Consisting of only 29 components, the somewhat rudimentary Brownie was incredibly reliable. This is due to its simple design and the fact that almost none of the working components are exposed to carbon or the elements. Mossberg MC1SC  Produced from 1919 up until 1932, more than 33,000 Brownies were built by Mossberg. This early commercial success helped generate enough revenue to fuel Mossberg’s ventures into shotguns and target rifles.

The standard slide is stainless steel, with “diamond-like carbon coating” available as an option. Disassembling the pistol for cleaning does not require pulling the trigger, as Mossberg’s “safe takedown system” allows the striker assembly to be removed before removing the slide Mossberg MC1SC For Sale Online

Several MC1sc offerings are available, including ones with a cross-bolt safety. Single-stack magazines with 6-round and 7-round capacities are available; both are made with clear polymer and have an orange floor plate. Additionally, the MC1sc will accept Glock 43 magazines. The magazine release is reversible.

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