Laugo Alien Pistol


The Laugo Arms Alien 500 is a semi-automatic pistol of an extremely high quality and the number being built limited to 500, makes this one very exclusive indeed. Every Alien 500 is hand fitted and gets its own unique number.


Laugo Alien Pistol for sale online. With several patented and unique technical solutions. Buy Laugo Alien Pistol for sale Every shooter is fast with the Laugo Alien Pistol. This is caused by the lowest bore axis in the world. Bore axis is located just 1,7mm under the axis of shooters grip. As a result, the pistol practically does not elevate after the shot and has almost flat recoil angle and no muzzle flip.

Shooters are more accurate. This effect is caused by the permanently fixed barrel to the frame.
As a result, the barrel does not move during the fire cycle and can free float like on the sniper rifle. That altogether with precise manufacturing contributes to the exceptional accuracy of this firearm.

During the firing especially when rapid firing or performing double taps. This perfect controllability is achieved by Laugo Arms gas delayed blowback system. Alien does not have obsolete locking slide instead we took the gas pressure from the barrel and we let it slow down the recoil by using this power through gas piston against the slide movement. The more powerful shot the more it slows down the recoil. That gives shooter maximum recoil control even with different types of ammo.

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