Blackheart M92 AK Short Barrel Rifle, 7.62x39mm, 10″, Side Folder, ALL NFA RULES APPLY



BRAND:Blackheart International






INTERESTS:AR-15 Rifles, AK-47 Rifles


M92 AK Short Barrel Rifle 7.62x39mm 10 Inch Barrel Side-Folding Stock SAW Style Pistol Grip Quad Rail Forend Stamped Receiver 30 Round – All NFA Rules Apply buy blackheart m92ak short barrel

Built from the Serbian M92 pistol, this tactical SBR provides semi-auto firepower in a compact package. It is chambered in 7.62.39mm and has an ACE side-folding skeleton stock and aluminum quad rail forend. Also, it features a Tapco trigger, SAW style pistol grip and a stamped receiver. Includes two-position rear sight and dual aperature front sight, Chrome bolt and bolt carrier, Permanently attached thread protector, and Two 30-round magazines with bolt-hold open follower.

it is a modified hybrid of the Soviet AKMSU and AKS-74U carbines, but is easily distinguished by the design of pistol grip and especially by the longer hand guard, which is made out of a different wood type and has three cooling vents instead of the usual two. This feature gives the M92 less overheating on full auto mode. Buy blackheart m92ak short barrel

The M92 also features a shorter barrel. Unlike most rifle rounds which would otherwise experience a loss of velocity out of a shorter barrel, the 7.62×39mm round loses very little velocity when compared to a full length barrel. This makes it an excellent round for short-barrel rifles. The short barrel of the M92 may not lose enough velocity to even make a considerable difference when compared to the M70.


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