PM9 Thin Blue Line Pistol 9mm Handgun


Action Double
Safety No Manual
Weight 14 oz
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 6+1/7+1 (Grip Extension)
Barrel Type Polygonal Rifled
Sight Style Night
Barrel Length 3.1″


Pm9 Thin blue line pistol for sale online. Chosen to honor the men and women of law enforcement. Buy the pm9 thin blue line pistol for sale today.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across America form a thin blue line between a lawful and lawless society. They place their lives at risk to protect their communities from harm. In doing so, they deserve the respect and gratitude of those they serve. Kahr Firearms Group has chosen to honor the men and women of law enforcement with a new special edition pistol called the Thin Blue Line. The PM9 model pistol was selected for this custom project. To further enhance the firearm, the “Thin Blue Line” PM9 slide is finished in durable Armor Black Cerakote. All other exposed metal parts are blacked out, and a blue line is added encircling the slide. This special model comes equipped with easy-to-see TruGlo Tactical Night Sights. Includes-Two flush mount six-round magazines and one seven-round extended magazine, each of which have been blackened for concealability.

Kahr Premium pistols have established a reputation for accuracy and quality for 20 years. Some people have asked why are Kahr Premium pistols moreexpensive than competitive brands. At first glance, Kahr’s Premium pistolslook very similar to Kahr’s Value pistols, but looks can be deceptive. KahrPremium pistols are manufactured to the highest tolerances and use thehighest quality materials


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