EAA Windicator, .357 Magnum, 4″ Barrel, 6rd, Steel Frame, Nickel Finish





CALIBER:357 Magnum

MODEL:EAA Windicator




INTERESTS:Home Defense Guns, Home Defense Deals

A powerful reminder of revered German engineering, the Windicator continues to hold a proud position in the EAA line-up year after year. Its straightforward design leaves little room for complication; sturdy, reliable, and ready when you need it. The Windicator features a DA/SA trigger with a hammer block safety, spurred hammer, and shrouded ejection rod. It has a 6-round capacity, fixed sights, and molded rubber grip. his 357 Magnum has a steel frame with a 4″ barrel and a nickel metal finish. Eaa windicator for sale

Action :Single/Double
Caliber :357 Magnum
Barrel Length :4″
Capacity :6
Hammer Style :Exposed
Grips :Black Rubber
Sights :Fixed
Weight :30.4 oz
Frame Description :Nickel
Frame Size :Medium
Cylinder Finish :Nickel
Barrel Finish :Nickel
OAL :8.5″
Includes :
Barrel Length Range :4.00″ to 4.99″
Weight Range :16.00 oz to 31.99 oz

Function and Performance

When firing a double-action revolver, you press the trigger smoothly to the rear while holding the sights steady on target. As you press the trigger to the rear, the revolver will fire and recoil.

As you recover the sight picture, let the trigger action smoothly reset and you are prepared for another shot.

The cadence of fire isn’t set by how quickly you are able to fire, but by how quickly you are able to recover the sights during recoil and fire accurately. Eaa windicator for sale

The EAA Windicator features grooves in the trigger face that add to good control. The shorter-barrel revolver isn’t much more difficult to use well than the four-inch barrel revolver if you use .38 Special loads.

It actually comes on target more quickly at close range. If you plan on using the .357 Magnum cartridge, I strongly recommend the four-inch barrel.

There is a lot of muzzle blast and unburned powder with the two-inch barrel. A good alternative for home defense in the two-inch barrel is the Hornady .38 Special Critical Defense 110-grain loading.


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