Ammo Inc 9mm 124gr, Jacketed Hollow Point, 20rd Box



BRAND:Ammo Inc




PRICE-PER-ROUND:$1.25 – $1.49



INTERESTS:Black Friday


Ammo Inc 9mm 124gr for sale,  This 9mm 124gr is from the Ammo, Inc. Signature Target Shooting Line. Whether you’re a serious shooter who spends a lot of time on the range or a casual pinker who shoots a few times a year, you’ll need the best available ammo to fuel your specific firearm. Balancing velocity, accuracy, and recoil, our development team carefully analyses every load to help our ballisticians achieve the specific outcome of superiority.

Ammo, Inc. STREAK 9mm 124gr Tracer-Like Jacketed Hollow Point Pistol Ammunition brings your firearm into the future with exclusive RED STREAK Technology. Ammo, Inc. designed this 9mm Luger Ammunition with non-incendiary bullets that glow at the rear which shows you your bullet path and allows you to immediately fix your aim, if needed. You can use Ammo, Inc. STREAK 9mm JHP Visual Handgun Ammo at both indoor and outdoor ranges. Plus, these illuminated rounds are only visible from within 30 degrees of the shooter’s point-of-view, meaning you can easily see where your shots land without giving away your position. Amplify your accuracy and gain an invaluable edge in home-defense scenarios.


Ultimate Terminal Defense Loads
Balanced Velocity and Recoil
100% American Made Components
Hyperclean Technology – Shoot more, Clean less Ammo Inc 9mm 124gr for sale

Bullet TypeJacketed Hollow Point
Bullet Weight124 gr
ApplicationTarget/Personal Protection
Muzzle Velocity1017 fps.


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